Concealed Detection System (Loop System 58kHz)

The invisible AM anti-theft system is a design hidden for the buyer. Designed for boutiques of the Luxury segment, as well as stores where a democratic approach to customers is respected.

The width of the protected exit in the conditions of large shopping centers in Moscow is from 2 to 2.4 meters.

Extensive experience in the implementation of design solutions for concealed detection systems in shopping centers and airports.

The height is selected in accordance with the dimensions of the front glazing of the store with adjustments to the equipment design.

For the stable operation of the concealed detection system, a preliminary assessment and adjustment of the architectural plan of the building part of the facade is mandatory.

The main technical characteristics are similar to such systems as: Sensormatic Ultra Max 3004L, Sensormatic Single Loop, Sensormatic Ultra Loop.

Concealed Detection System (Loop System 58kHz)

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  • The AM anti-theft system "Invisible" is an protection, which is hidden from public view. Designed for boutiques as well as stores where a democratic approach to customers is respected.

    AM Loop system is a transmitter antenna hidden in the door frame and in the floor.

    Concealed detection antenna - the ideal solution for protecting wide aisles, which allows you to not interfere with the design of the store, does not interfere with the passage of customers and makes it possible to increase sales.

    The quality of operation of the concealed antenna depends on the qualifications of the installation specialists, and usually occurs with the participation of engineers.


    Detection width (1 exit)

    - up to 150 cm. width;

    - up to 220 cm. height.

    The delivery set includes a transmitter, mounting kit.