Sale, installation, maintenance of Electronic Article Surveillance.

Delivery of Electronic Article Surveillance to any cities in Russia.

Concealed Systems (Discreet protection) for luxury boutiques.

Concealed systems in Moscow malls

Discreet Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS protection (analogue of the Ultra Loop Sensormatic Antenna system) for retail environments with wide exits or open architecture requirements.

Discreet Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS p

Concealed System is used to installation as in malls (Like at Red Square) as in freestanding stores.

Loop EAS protection

Discreet Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS protection delivers exceptional protection for wider exits to help maximize flow and optimize floor space.

Concealed protection (Loop AM system

The concealed systems can provides protection of exits up to 2-2.4 m. Their work can be seen in shopping centers in Moscow (for example, Crocus City Mall).

EAS Loop

The main technical characteristics are similar to such systems as: Sensormatic Ultra Max 3004L, Sensormatic Single Loop, Sensormatic Ultra Loop.

Anti-shoplifting detection sysems

The concealed system is a transmitter antenna hidden in the door frame and in the floor



Video surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance, remote control of parameters. Equipment of more than 160 companies. Among them: Hikvision, Dahua, Beward, Panasonic, Axis Communications, Hanwha Techwin, ITV, IDIS, Mobotix, DSSL, Microdigital and many others.


Automated dispatching control system (ADCS)

The integration of engineering systems into a single complex and the maximum leveling of the influence of the human factor on the functioning of the building: taking into account the access to work of the enterprise employees traffic control, etc.


Intercom Systems and Solutions

 Security measures for homeowners, office workers and businesses.


Automated Complex Metering System of Electric Power

Distributed multilevel information-measuring system with centralized control.


Access control systems

A set of compatible hardware and (possibly) software tools aimed at restricting, allowing, and registering the access of people, vehicles, and other objects to (from) a room, building, zone, and territory.


Fire & Security system

Fire&Security system is an engineering and technical system that is designed to receive, process and transmit information about intrusion, fire, and industrial accidents at a guarded facility.